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Oils / Fatty Acids

Additive Suppliers Directory

The following pages contain a directory of select additive suppliers and their products. For more details on the products listed in this guide, contact the companies directly.

Angus Chemical Company
Buffalo Grove, IL 
Fax: 989.832.1465
Web site:
Additives offered: Corrosion inhib­itors, dispersing agents, emulsifiers.

Product name: AEPD VOX 1000 Neutralizing Amine
Attributes/comments: AEPD VOX 1000 neutralizing amine offers ad­vantages in zero VOC paint formulations. Compared to other low VOC alkanolamines, AEPD VOX 1000 is the most cost-effective choice, with more efficiency at lower use rates. AEPD VOX 1000 offers effective pH control, efficient pigment dispersion, improved freeze-thaw performance reducing glycols and exceptional performance with no odor when compared to ammonia.

Arch Chemicals, Inc.
Atlanta, GA
Fax: 866.705.0465
Web site:

Product name: Proxel BZ Plus Preservative
Attributes/comments: This unique combination of Proxel preservatives and Omadine antimicrobials offer a dual mode of action for inhibiting microbial growth in latex emulsions, water-based paints, adhesives and pigment dispersions. Other features include:color-stable formulations; dual-action protection; zero VOCs; CMIT / MIT and formaldehyde-free; long-term preservation; and broad-spectrum activity.

Memphis, TN
Fax: 901.276.5343
Web site:

Product name: Flamebloc GS 500
Attributes/comments: Flamebloc GS 500 is a polymeric amino phosphate clear flame retardant coating that meets GRAS (generally regarded as safe) specifications and requires no halogen to achieve additional performance. It can be applied over substrates such as wood, paper, clean metal and most plastics with excellent adhesion and flame protection after curing but prior to cleaning is easily cleaned with hot soapy water.

Product Name: Flamebloc GS 503
Attributes/comments: Flamebloc GS 503 is a primer and/or tie coat fire retardant barrier that provides a functional interface between the topcoat and substrate. For interior and exterior applications, Flamebloc GS 50 is a moisture-resistant, non-flammable coating product that can be used on many types of materials from aerospace to the construction industry and is easily cleaned with hot soapy water.

Buhler, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Fax: 763.847.9911
Web site: global/en/products/oxylink.htm
Additives offered: Oxylink for water­­borne resin systems

Product name: Oxylink
Attributes/comments: Oxylink is an additive for better waterborne coatings to increase cross-linking density. Results in improved blocking, chemical and humidity resistance as well as shorter drying times.

Wallingford, CT
Fax: 203.284.9158
Web site:
Additives offered: Compounds, adhesives and sealants, PVC, paper coatings, printing inks, can and coil coatings, wood and furniture coatings, industrial coatings, pigment concentrates, powder coatings, ambient curing resins, architectural coatings, thermoplastics, automotive.

Product name: Disperbyk-198
Attributes/comments: Disperbyk-198 focuses on classic slurries for pigment concentrates and coatings, with a special profile as a complementary partner of Disperbyk 190 pigment concentrates for printing inks.

Product name: Disperbyk-2012
Attributes/comments: Disperbyk-2021 is a new high-performance additive based on CPT technology that provides outstanding results in resin-containing grinds and slurry grinds.

Chattem Chemicals
Chattanooga, TN
Fax: 423.825.0507
E-mail: herman.echeverri@chattem
Web site:
Additives offered: Epoxy crosslinkers and UV rheology modifiers

Product name: E.C Gel
Attributes/comments: Low temperature activation crosslinkers for solvent- and oil-based coatings.

Product name: ATC-30
Attributes/comments: Crosslinker for epoxy solvent systems offering excellent chemical resistance and improved film hardness.

Cytec Industries Inc.
West Paterson, NJ
Fax: 973.357.3050
Web site:
Additives offered: Additol, Cycat and Modaflow coatings additives help formulators optimize performance, paint processing, appearance, application and stability.

Product name: Additol XW 6535
Attributes/comments: The universal, ultra low VOC pigment grinding medium for both waterborne and solventborne coatings used in decorative and light industrial coatings, Additol XW 6535 addresses the needs for a truly universal pigment concentrate system that sustains the properties of the original coating. Tinting pastes made with Additol XW 6535 are used in both point-of-sale and factory tinting machines. Applications in all decorative, DIY and light industrial coatings enable processing flexibility and economic advantages.

Product name: Additol XL 6526
Attributes/comments: The new bench­mark in flow and leveling for transportation coatings, Additol XL 6526 is a 100% solids additive for high solids acrylic clear coats and topcoats used in automotive, refinish and heavy equipment. It has the unique combination of effectiveness at low dosage and compatibility. At just 0.1% on formulation, it allows for extremely smooth, defect-free, orange peel-free coatings without sacrificing recoatability and adhesion.

Double Bond Chemical
Industries USA, Inc. 
West Simsbury, CT
Fax: 860.408.1216
Web site:
Additives offered: Antioxidants, UV absorbers, HALs

Product name: Chisorb 2966
Attributes/comments: Economical UV absorber and blends with 944 and 770 types designed to provide superior UV resistance at an economical cost.

Product name: Chinox B1686
Attributes/comments: New lactone-based antioxidant for resin manufacturers. Provides free radical protection to polymer at lower applied cost.

Dow Coating Materials
Philadelphia, PA
Fax: 440.777.8630
Web site:
Additives offered: Dow Coating Materials provides a wide range of innovative specialty additives to the coatings industry including rheology modifiers, thickeners, dispersants and opaque polymers.

Product name: Acrysol RM-845 HEUR rheology modifier
Attributes/comments: Acrysol RM-845 HEUR rheology modifier is a solvent-free product that contains no alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APEO) surfactants and has little discernable odor. Acrysol RM-845 rheology modifier can be used as a solvent-free, APEO-free replacement for Acrysol RM-825 and RM-8W rheology modifiers, offering a 15-20 percent lower use level for greater efficiency with the same rheology balance.

Dow Corning Corporation
Midland, MI
Web site:
Additives offered: Silicone

Product name: Dow Corning 71 Additive and Dow Corning 74 Additives for inks and overprint varnishes.
Attributes/comments: Dow Corning 71 Additive and Dow Corning 74 Additive allow you to power up your ink and overprint varnish (OPV) formulations by providing excellent, long-lasting foam control at reduced use levels while maintaining the integrity of the coating. These low viscosity additives possess a surfactant-like structure that makes them self-emulsifying and thus easy to incorporate at low shear.

Evonik Goldschmidt Corp.
Hopewell, VA
Fax: 804.541.6290
Web site:
Additives offered: Anti-graffiti add­itives, adhesion promoters, deaerators, defoamers, hydrophobing agents, multi-functional additives, substrate wetting additives, surface control additives, radiation-curable, wetting and dispersing additives

Product name: Tego Twin 4100
Attributes/comments: New wetting and anti-cratering additive without foaming, raise the performance of waterborne coatings, lowers surface tension, improves wetting and flow.  The good compatibility and long-term activity impress in problematic binders. The solvent-free Tego Twin 4100 has proven itself particularly in waterborne wood and industrial finishes and printing inks and lacquers.

Product name: Tego Wet 240
Attributes/comments: Tego Wet 240 is first choice particularly for spray-applied waterborne industrial and plastic coatings independent of co-solvent content. Defect rates and remedial work in the painting process are reduced. The solvent-free product guarantees fine atomization and defect-free films even at minimal film thickness.

Falcon Technologies Inc.
Bridgetown, Barbados
Fax: 905.878.7732
Web site:
Additives offered: Universal colorants; rheological additives; pH modifiers/stabilizers; anti-foam agents; opacity pigments; titanium extenders; UV absorbers; polysaccharide resin technology; dispersants; protective colloid.

Product name: ColourFal Zero
Attributes/comments: VOC-free Universal Colourants uses SmartTint technology to prevent blockage and dripping in dispensing machines. Enhance compatibility across water-based and solvent-based decorative paints. Contains raw materials from renewable resources.

Fuji Silysia Chemical, Ltd.
Durham, NC
Fax: 252.413.0490
Web site:
Additives offered: Micronized silica gel

Product name: Sylysia 950
Attributes/comments: Our Sylsia 950 maintains a high efficiency of matting while reducing dust, minimizing agglomerations and improving the overall material handling.

Gelest, Inc.
Morrisville, PA
Fax: 215.547.2484
Web site:
Additives offered: Silane, silicone and metal-organic molecules for adhesion promotion and crosslinking; improved chemical resistance and corrosion protection; controlling hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity and oleophobicity; rheological aids (improved processing, dispersion flow).

Hammond, IN
Fax: 219.933.1570
Web site:
Additives offered: Corrosion inhibitors

Product name: Halox 550 WF
Attributes/comments: Haloxs new water-free inorganic-organic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor has been designed to eliminate corrosion, maintain high gloss and is suitable for thin film coatings.

Product name: Halox SZP-391 JM and Halox 430 JM
Attributes/comments: Haloxs jet-milled technology delivers outstanding think film protection and offers improved efficiency and cleaner grinds. It also does not impact gloss compared to traditional corrosion inhibiting pigments.

Macon, GA
Web site:
Additives offered: Hydrous and calcine kaolin clays
Attributes/comments: KaMin is a manufacturer of high quality hydrous and calcined kaolin clays. KaMins high quality reserves and proprietary processing technologies produce quality kaolin clays utilized in a variety of coatings applications. KaMin LLC mines and produces its kaolin exclusively in the U.S. and sells its products globally.

Product name: Polygloss 90
Attributes/comments: Ultrafine particle size kaolin makes for excellent TiO2 extender; high brightness kaolin for color pigment extension; used in high-gloss and semi-gloss paints and coatings; easy to disperse and chemically inert.

Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.
Bayonne, NJ
Fax: 201.823.0691
Web site:
Additives offered: Ken-React titanate, zirconate and aluminate coupling agents; Kenflex aromatic hydrocarbon resins; Kenplast aromatic and ester plasticizers; Ken-Stat antistatic agents; Kenrich dispersions

Product name: Ken-React LICA 38J
Attributes/comments: Ken-React LICA 38J induces hydrophilicy and anaerobic biodegradation of polymers under ASTM D 5526 conditions of darkness (no UV); >40% moisture; no oxygen; anaerobic microbes to create bio-gas and biomass.

Product name: Ken-React CP-03 
Attributes/comments: Ken-React CP-03 hybrid titanate is useful for non-exothermic MEKP unsaturated polyester thermosets thus reducing bubbles while coupling completely all manner of inorganics and organics. Heat replace cobalt as the accelerator and impact strengths of unfilled resin and increased 14-fold.
King Industries
Norwalk, CT
Fax: 203.866.1268
Web site:
Additives offered: Nacure and K-Cure acid and blocked acid catalysts for amino thermoset systems; K-KAT non-tin, Hg-free catalysts for urethanes; K-Flex resin modifiers and reactive diluents; K-SPERSE dispersant for non-aqueous systems; K-STAY rheology modifiers; NACORR rust and corrosion inhibitors and DISPARLON thixotropes and surface control additives.

Product name: K-KAT XK-614
Attributes/comments: K-KAT XK-614, an environmentally friendly alternative to tin catalysts for coating applications, offering improved stability in the polyol component of WB 2K PU systems and better selectivity for the polyol reaction versus the water reaction with isocyanates.

Product name: Disparlon AQ-380
Attributes/comments: Disparlon AQ-380 is a new dispersant for use in waterborne coatings. It was specifically designed to disperse carbon black and organic pigments in all types of waterborne formulations. Highly efficient, AQ-380 offers excellent color development, gloss and hiding power.

Lehigh Technologies, Inc. 
Tucker, GA
Web site:
Additives offered: High quality fine rubber powders made from end of life tires

Product name: PolyDyne and MicroDyne
Attributes/comments: Lehigh Tech­nologies produces PolyDyne and MicroDyne high quality fine rubber powders from end of life tires. These powders allow coating manufacturers to formulate the performance characteristics of rubber into their product delivering enhanced performance, environmental benefits and cost savings. The line ranges from 80-300 mesh or 177-50.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.
Cleveland, OH
Fax: 216.447.5238
Web site:
Additives offered: Wax additives, hyperdispersants, rheology modifiers

Product name: Solsperse 44000
Attributes/comments: Solsperse 44000 hyperdispersant is a 50% active APE-free polymeric dispersant in water, which improves pigment dispersion and stability in aqueous paints and coatings. It enables highly pigmented resin-free dispersion that are compatible with a wide range of binders, including acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes and alkyds. It also provides excellent early water resistance.

Cincinnati, OH
Fax: 513.793.2504
Web site:
Additives offered: Wax emulsions

Product name: Michem Guard 7140
Attributes/comments: Michem Guard 7140 C a water-based emulsion of large particle polyethylene wax which im­proves rub and abrasion resistance in pigmented coatings and semi-gloss coatings, ink and OPVs at very low addition rates. Typical uses inks and OPVs, exterior wood and wood composite, interior wood furniture and flooring.

Product name: Michem Emulsion 21930
Attributes/comments: Michem Em­ul­sion 21930 C an emulsion of tung oil, a drying oil, which provides a tough, highly water-resistant finish which does not darken noticeably in either exterior or interior finishes; popular because of its light golden tint. It can also be used as a component in transit  coatings for stone and mineral surfaces.

Micro Powders, Inc.
Tarrytown, NY
Fax: 914.472.7098
Web site:

Product name: AquaKlean 410
Attributes/comments: AquaKlean 410 is a specially formulated wax polymer which will impart resistance and washability when added to low VOC paints and coatings. AquaKlena 410 is a zero VOC dispersion of finely micronized, cross-linked polyethylene and carnauba for easy addition by means of conventional mixing equipment.

Product name: MicroMatte 1011 UVW
Attributes/comments: MicroMatte 1011 UVW is the newest in a line of finely micronized, modified polypropylene waxes specifically formulated for use in water reducible and UV cured paints and coatings. It incorporates high molecular weight polymers and micro encapsulated inorganics in order to provide optimum mar and abrasion resistance while providing uniform and efficient gloss retention.

Organic Dyestuffs Corp.
East Providence, RI
Fax: 401.434.8136
Web site:
Additives offered: Anti-foaming non-silicone, anti-foaming silicone, anti-foaming agents, anti-rust agents, thickening agents, thickening agents water, water repellents.

RockTron Limited
Bristol, UK
Fax: +44.117.986.6870
Web site:
Additives offered: Recycled fly ash from coal-fired power plants is pro­cessed into valuable ecominerals for use as fillers in coatings and other industries.

Product name: MinTron
Attributes/comments: Solid ammino-silicate glass spheres; <1ym - 100ym; 2.0 - 2.3 g/cm3; naturally spherical; freeflowing; 5-6 mons hardness; 6w oil (resin) absorption; even dispersion; good chemical resistance; low carbon footprint (0.07-0.08 kg Co2/kg product).

Product name: MagTron
Attributes/comments: New spherical magnetite; particle density 3.5-3.6 g/cm3; particle size range <1ym-100ym; color - black; paramagnetic; low carbon footprint (0.07-0.08 kg Co2/kg products).

Sartomer USA, LLC
Exton, PA
Fax: 610.363.4140
Web site:
Additives offered: Reactive diluents and modifers

Product name: M-Cure 201
Attributes/comments: M-Cure 201 is an aliphatic acrylated monomer that can be added to epoxy resin as a reactive diluent to give excellent viscosity reduction light fastness in low VOC and zero VOC amine cure epoxy coating formulations. M-Cure 201 also provides faster cure and cold temperature cure properties.

Product name: M-Cure 203
Attributes/comments: M-Cure  203 is an aromatic urethane acrylate that can be added to epoxy resin as a reactive modifier to improve the flexibility and toughness of low VOC and zero VOC amine cure epoxy coating formulations. Cured epoxy coatings containing M-Cure 203 will have improved elongation properties, moderate tensile strengths and improved abrasion properties.

Shamrock Technologies, Inc.
Newark, NJ 
Fax: 973.242.8074
Web site:
Additives offered: Shamrock Tech­nologies offers a full line of fluoro polymer and wax additives. These products include our EverGlide wax emulsions, dispersions and compounds, UltraGlide PTFE dispersions, UltraMatte UV matting agents, as well as our PTFE powders.

Product name: EverGlide UV 691
Attributes/comments: EverGlide UV 691 is an oxidized polyethylene in UV monomer (TRPGDA). The small 2-3 micron particle makes this product ideal for thin film applications to provide slip and abrasion resistance while maintaining gloss and clarity.

Product name: UltraMatte
Attributes/comments: UltraMatte UV 50-GDA is an innovative 50% polyethylene/silica dispersion in UV monomer that can efficiently matte even thin films with no appreciable effect on viscosity. This product also provides excellent slip, mar resistance and burnish resistance.

Taminco Inc.
Allentown, PA
Fax: 610.366.6784
Web site:,, www.advantex

Product name: Advantex
Attributes/comments: With the Ad­vantex Advantage, you get superb pigment dispersion, excellent emulsion stability and outstanding syneresis control. Advantex protects against flash rust better than all other amine additives. Advantexs ideal film-forming properties allow for enabling corrosion protection.

Product name: Vantex-T
Attributes/comments: Vantex-T en­ables environmentally friendly, low-odor, zero-VOC paint formulations. Vantex-T is a cost-effective neutralizing agent and a highly effective coalescing aid, providing for the reduction or complete elimination of coalescing solvents. Paints formulated with Vantex-T display excellent corrosion inhibition properties, freeze-thaw behavior, emulsion stability and shelf life.

Troy Corporation
Florham Park, NJ
Fax: 973.443.0853
Web site:

Product name: Troysol ZLAC
Attributes/comments: Troysol ZLAC is a superior substrate wetting additive for aqueous coatings and has zero contribution of VOCs to aqueous systems. Troysol ZLAC provides the same benefits and attributes long associated with Troysol LAC, but without the VOC. The product is particularly effective in wetting low energy and contaminated surfaces, without causing undesired fisheyes and other problems. Troysol ZLAC eliminates surface defects, improves adhesion, gloss, flow and leveling and color acceptance.

Product name: Troysol Z370
Attributes/comments: Troysol Z370 is a universal wetting, mar and slip additive for solvent, water-reducible or aqueous systems. This green additive does not contain any VOCs, APEs or HAPs and approximately 40% of the components are from renewable re­sources. Troysol Z370 is a multi functional additive and is extremely effective in industrial coatings with dem­onstrated superior properties over leading competitive products. CW

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